The Heavy Water War (Filmkameratene A/S, Norway) for NRK


The inaugural Focus on the Nordics initiative, which takes place at MIPTV 2015 in Cannes, will bring together more than 20 of the region’s top broadcasters, producers, creatives, distributors and digital-media players for a week of conferences, showcas- es and networking opportunities.

Focus on the Nordics aims to celebrate and share the creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation that has produced one of the most advanced media markets in the world. The first event of its kind ever staged by the Nordic media industry, it will offer insight, information and access to the commercial and creative faces that have helped transform four small northern countries — Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland — into a content powerhouse.

Focus on the Nordics will consist of a strand of Nordic-branded events throughout MIPTV, which runs from April 13-16 in Cannes, France. These will culminate in a dedicated day on April 14 of seminars, show-and-tells, market overviews, digital talks and broadcaster Q&A’s. The programme, devised in collaboration with MIPTV organiser Reed MIDEM, is curated by Nordic in- dustry veterans Annie Wegelius, former director of programming at Swedish public broadcaster SVT, and Thomas Hedberg, former CEO of Titan TV and Nice Drama.

The week’s highlights will include an examination of the Nordic culture of innovation that has given the world such super- brands as Ericsson, Spotify, Skype and Nokia; an exploration of the Nordic broadcasting model and the region’s role as a digital game-changer and early adopter of mobile and multiplatform broadcast technology; and a sneak peak at the latest Nordic Noir drama titles that are set to send a frisson through audiences around the world.

The serious stuff will be balanced by the chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones at a red-carpet party for 1,000 MIPTV delegates at the iconic Hotel Martinez.

Come and talk to us, listen to us and do business with us at Focus on the Nordics.

Trio – Odins Gold
(Nordic Stories/Fabelaktiv A/S)
for NRK Super


The Nordic region has succeeded in creating a template for next-generation broadcasting, creativity and content delivery that has value and resonance for the entire global media industry as it prepares for the seismic changes ahead.

This, in short, is the aim of the Focus on the Nordics: to share the experiences, approaches and business models that have ena- bled Nordic broadcasters, producers, distributors and digital-media pioneers to create a market that reflects the realities and opportunities of the new digital world.

The Nordic territories — Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland — have long punched above their weight on the international market. Several factors have combined to propel the Nordic region into the media premier league, from its early adoption of mobile and multiplatform broadcast technology through to its strong tradition of brave, risk-taking — and well-funded — public broadcasting. It is also a fiercely competitive market, where programming budgets are small but the expectations of its well- educated audiences high. This has resulted in a steady stream of fresh and original dramas, formats, documentaries and web series, which in turn have attracted the attention of global production giants eager to become part of the Nordic phenomenon.

Added to this, the Nordic territories have been a hotbed of technological innovation for decades, as such superbrands as Erics- son, Spotify, Skype and Nokia testify. And the fact that the digital future came early to the region means that Nordic broadcast- ers and producers have also had 10-plus years of experience in understanding how technology impacts on consumer behav- iour, rights issues and the challenges of piracy. All this has combined to create a media market that is uniquely equipped to cope with the fall-out from the digital revolution.

Collaboration is a vital part of the Nordic success story. Regional collaboration between producers and broadcasters has cre- ated a culture of mutual support and encouraged the development of bold, original and imaginative content, to the benefit of all. Focus on the Nordics is an extension of that spirit of collaboration. In today’s new marketplace, with its new pipelines, paradigms and rules of engagement, the Nordic experience has proved that co-operation is more powerful than competition.

The Nordic media industry has a story to tell. And what better place to tell it than MIPTV, the world’s most prestigious content market?

Modus (Miso Film Sweden) for TV4


Nordics up to speed: 90% with broadband

Scandinavians with mobile 70% with smartphone, 50% with tablet

30% watch VOD every day

+300% daily reach OTT (2011–2014)

Broadcast: -5% daily reach (2011–2014)

Among young: -10% daily BC viewing (Q3 2013–Q3 2014)

30% pirates

Drama 50% of online viewing

+25% of Nordic households with SVOD

+350% SVOD growth (NFLX launch 2012 to 2014)

1 M new SVOD homes every year

Source: Mediavision

100 Code (Fabrik Entertainment)
for SBS Discovery Sweden


MipTV in Cannes – 13-16th of April | MipDoc and MipFormats 11-12th of April | The Nordic Pavilion Stand No: C16.A4


King (Rabbit Films Oy) for MTV3


Catherine Fongen
Silje Hestevik
Mira Ruotsalainen
Tuire Lindström
Dan Panas

Karin Stjärne
Markus Sterky
Åsa Sjöberg
Anette Rømer
Helene Aurø

Nicke Johansson
Johannes Jensen
Karoline Spodsberg
Magnus Karlsson Lamm

Petri Kemppinen
Jan Salling
Tryggvi Freir Elinarson
Andrew Knight
Henrik Bergström

Lisa Rosengren
Birthe Møller
Anni Wessman
Adrienne Seet

Sumé The Sound of a Revolution
(Anorak Film & Bullit Film & Jabfilm)
for SVT & NRK)

Anno (Strix Television) for NRK

Berg & Meltzer in Europe (Elk Production)
for SBS Discovery

(SF Film Production, Nitrat Film & Thorsboe & Lindblad)
for TV 2 Denmark

Blue Eyes (Strix Drama) for SVT

The Bridge/The Tunnel
(Filmlance & Nimbus) for SVT & DR

Feel Good Inc
(Moskito Television Oy) for MTV3

Ultra Sport Kids
(Final Cut) for DR and NRK

In Search Of The
Northern Light (NRK) for NRK

Jordskott (Palladium Fiction) for SVT

The Legacy II
(Danish Broadcasting Corp) for DR

Loppe Deluxe
(Bermuda) for TV 2 Denmark

Mammon (NRK) for NRK

Pervert Park (De Andra/Final Cut for Real)
for SVT, DR, NRK & VG TV

Ninja Warrior (Elk Entertainment)
for SBS Discovery TV

The Expedition
(Nordisk Film TV) for TV2 Denmark

To The South Pole And Back (NRK) for NRK

My Dance Crew (Anti TV A/S) for TV 2 Norway

The Third Eye (Rubicon TV)
for TV 2 Norway

Acquitted (Miso Film Norway) for TV 2 Norway

Welcome To Sweden (Jarowskij) for TV4

Crime Writers (Mastiff) for SVT

Occupied (Yellow Bird Norway)
for TV2 Norway/ARTE France

Trash Or Treasure (Mastiff) for TV4

Wild Kids (Jarowskij) for SVT